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Amazon will eat itself 8 November, 2006

Posted by Adam in Business.

For a company renowned for building a reputation for staying one step ahead of the game, surely Amazon’s shift towards allowing other ‘stores’ to sell and fulfill orders under the Amazon banner is a big mistake for its customers?

It’s done in such a way that it’s difficult to tell at first glance whether you are buying from Amazon or someone you have no relationship with, or knowledge of their trustworthiness. For Amazon this model is great as gradually they can reduce their stock and fulfilment commitments, but I think it sucks for customers. Here’s why. I bought five things from them the other day – not particularly high ticket items, some gel wrist pads, a case for an iPod – that kind of thing. However I later realised that out of the five items only ONE was actually sold to me by Amazon – the rest where inadvertantly bought from these leech ‘stores’ which nestle under the Amazon umbrella. The thing is that every one charged seperately for postage – and in some cases close to the items cost! If I had bought all these items from the one store – which I believed I was doing – I would have been charged postage for the order – not per item – so I’ve actually ended up paying as much for carriage as I have for the items I bought!!

This is surely short-sighted of Amazon and an example of when a good idea for the company may be a bad idea for customers – and therefore, ultimately, for business.



1. Toni Farrington - 5 November, 2007

Yes, very annoying that! Had a similar experience with a book which I then wanted to return and it all went very wrong. – Sorry I know you wrote this blog a very long time ago – but just found it and quite agree!

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