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Mac OS Leopard – simple fix for dock folder icons 4 November, 2007

Posted by Adam in Blogroll.
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Like most people there are many things about Leopard I love – and a few annoying things I hate! One of them is that when you drag a folder to the dock and it automatically creates a stack (or grid) the Dock icon takes on the icon of the first item within the folder. In the case of my Applications folder which I keep there – for me that’s 1Password – which I already have locked in to my Dock – hence two of them now live there!!  It suddenly dawned on me this morning a simple way to solve this however – just create a new folder and give it a name such as 01folder – voila your Dock folder now looks like… a folder! What’s more in the case of Appliacations, or any folder that contains unique icons you see them hiding just behind helping to indicate that it’s a stack! Simple – but very effective.